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EEI understands these are uncertain times when it comes to drinking water rules concerning lead and copper. Having the latest information is vital to Water Utility Managers and other Decision-Makers. We are pleased to offer this page as your resource for the latest information.

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   Recent Developments

EEI Releases “Road to Compliance” Infographic for Illinois’ Lead Service Line Replacement and Notification Act (July 2021) EEI Infographic 

USEPA Extends Effective Date of LCR Revisions (June 2021)
On June 10, the USEPA signed a final rule to extend the effective date of the Lead and Copper Rule Revisions to December 16, 2021. Learn More

EEI Releases Lead Service Line Replacement and Notification Act Infographic (June 2021)
EEI Infographic 

Illinois HB3739 Update (May 2021)
On May 31, 2021 HB3739 passed both the Senate and the House with two minor Amendments. It now goes to the Governor for signature. Learn More    

USEPA Conducts Public Listening Sessions (April and May 2021)
On April 28 and May 5, 2021 EPA hosted Public Listening Sessions concerning LCRR-related topics. Watch Now  If you are unable to attend any of the events, you can submit comments at https://www.federalregister.gov/documents/2021/04/05/2021-06926/lead-and-copper-rule-lcrr-virtual-engagements until June 30, 2021. Learn More

Sampling Protocol for Lead Profile Sampling (Updated April 2021)
Illinois EPA (IEPA) has requested several larger communities to conduct additional lead sampling – including Profile Sampling. This document provides guidance on completing sequential sampling within a household. Learn More The Cornwell Engineering Group also provides a video demonstrating the sampling: Watch Now

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