EEI Honored with Public Works Project of the Year Award

EEI Honored with Public Works Project of the Year Award

Engineering Enterprises, Inc. has recently been honored with a Public Works Project of the Year Award, Chicago Metro Chapter of the American Public Works Association.

The award, received in the environmental category, was based upon the planning, design and construction of the Village of Hampshire Wastewater Treatment Facilty. The award was presented in promotion of excellence in the management and administration of public works projects by recognizing the alliance between the managing agency (The Village of Hampshire); consultant/engineer (Engineering Enterprises, Inc); and the contractor (Joseph J. Henderson & Son, Inc.).

With the completion of Wastewater Treatment Facility improvements, the Village of Hampshire, experiencing tremendous growth, became able to accommodate the requirements of additional residents as well as industrial and commercial development.

“The new facility was constructed,” stated Village President Jeff Magnussen, “within the footprint of the existing facility with an eye toward cost savings as well as future capacity expandability and the addition of unit processes.”

Although many buildings and processes were demolished to accommodate new facilities, existing structures with remaining useful life were converted to new uses within the upgraded wastewater treatment facility.

According to Jeff Freeman, P.E., “A carefully designed phasing plan was created to allow the facility to continue in operation during construction while maintaining the quality of the effluent from the plant.”