Collette Frohlich Earns her P.E. Licensure

Collette Frohlich Earns her P.E. Licensure

Engineering Enterprises, Inc. (EEI) is proud to announce that Collette Frohlich of Aurora, Illinois, has passed her Professional Engineer (P.E.) exam and has earned the title of Professional Engineer in the State of Illinois. Frohlich holds both her Master and Bachelor of Science degrees in Civil Engineering from Bradley University.

Since joining EEI, Frohlich has been involved in a diverse range of transportation planning and design projects for a variety of municipal clients. She holds IDOT certifications in Documentation of Contract Quantities, S33 Soils Field Testing and Inspection Course, OSHA 30-Hour Course, ADA/PROWAG Course as well as the ACEC-IL/IDOT Phase I Training.

Because the civil engineer plays such a significant role in society, the licensing of engineers is very important. From the environment to infrastructure, the general public depends on the civil engineer’s plans and designs for our roads and bridges; water and wastewater systems; and residential, commercial, industrial, institutional and recreational facilities.

The credential of Professional Engineer verifies the fact that the P.E. has mastered the critical elements of his/her profession and is proof of the ability to provide engineering services directly to the public. In addition, it is only the P.E. who can sign and seal engineering drawings, be in responsible charge of a firm in private practice and serve as a fully qualified expert witness.

In order to become a professional engineer, the state requires the Engineer Intern (E.I.) to have work experience under the supervision of a licensed P.E. before taking the Principals and Practice of Engineering (P.E.) exam.

The E.I. must have four years of engineering experience if having graduated from an accredited four-year engineering program or eight years’ experience if having graduated from an accredited four-year engineering-related science program in order to take the Principals and Practice of Engineering exam to become a Professional Engineer.

According to Brad Sanderson, P.E., Vice President of EEI, “We are extremely pleased that Collette has attained the stature of professional engineer and licensure. Her civil engineering background and strong work ethic are assets to our organization. With her P.E. licensure, Collette joins the other 16 licensed professional engineers at EEI. We look forward to continuing a long and successful professional relationship.”