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EEI understands these are uncertain times when it comes to drinking water rules concerning lead and copper. Having the latest information is vital to Water Utility Managers and other Decision-Makers. We are pleased to offer this page as your resource for the latest information.

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   Recent Developments

EEI Releases Infographic – Water Filter Requirements (May 2023) 
The infographic highlights the current and upcoming water filter requirements during and after LSLR. EEI Infographic

EEI Releases Infographic – Creating a LSLR Funding Policy (April 2023) 
The infographic highlights aspects to consider when developing a LSLR Funding Policy. EEI Infographic

IEPA Draft Proposed Rule for PWSLP (February 2023)
In December 2022, the Illinois EPA announced a draft proposed rule for Public Water Supply Loan Program (PWSLP) funded lead service line replacement (LSLR) projects. EEI published a Regulatory Notification to summarize the proposed revisions. Public comments are being accepted until February 17, 2023.

EEI Releases Infographic about LSLR Construction Methods (December 2022) 
The infographic outlines three LSLR construction methods and their pros and cons EEI Infographic

Illinois EPA Announces Lead Service Line Inventory (LSLI) Grant Program (November 2022) 
The grant opportunity is open to applicants below the current state average Median Household Income (MHI) and applications are due December 2, 2022. Learn More

EEI Releases Infographic about Online Home Assessment Surveys to Assist with Water Service Line Material Inventories (October 2022)
In addition to online resident surveys, municipalities can use the same Survey123 service to develop a detailed home assessment survey to aid the Material Inventory and design process. EEI Infographic

EEI Releases Infographic about Online Resident Surveys to Assist with Water Service Line Material Inventories (October 2022)
This infographic provides an overview of online surveys as a tool to gather information for the Material Inventory required under Illinois Public Act 102-0613 EEI Infographic

EEI Releases Checklist for Compliance with IDPH Water/Sewer Separation Variance (August 2022)
EEI created a checklist to ease compliance with the new IDPH water/sewer service separation variance. EEI Infographic

Material Inventories: USEPA releases guidance related to lead service line inventories Learn More

IDPH Finalizes Waiver, Notification, and Separation Variance Policy for LSLR (May 2022)
Visit IDPH’s website for guidance regarding the LSLR resident waiver, notifications, and the water/sewer separation variance HERE

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