Lead Service Line Replacement, Elgin

Lead Service Line Replacement

City of Elgin, Illinois

EEI provided design and construction engineering services for the replacement of approximately 400 lead water services from the b-box to the meter located inside the residences. Design engineering services included securing IEPA low interest loan funding. 


Year 1 and 2 Construction Costs $17,266,000

$4,000,000 Low-Interest-Loan Fund Secured


  • Design and Construction Engineering Services
  • Public Information Meetings
  • Prepared and Mailed Flyers to Residents
  • Prepared Bid Documents and Bidding Assistance
  • Scheduled and Inspected Homes to Determine Type of Service, Meter Location, Basement or Slab Foundation, and Overall Inventory of Existing Conditions
  • Installation of 398 New Copper Water Services From the B-box to the Meter Located Inside Residences
  • Utilized IEPA Low Interest Loan Funding
Construction Services

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