Floodplain and Stormwater Management

Floodplain and Stormwater Management

Increasingly rigorous rules and regulations cause floodplain and stormwater management to become increasingly important.

EEI continually remains knowledgeable to well-represent our public and private sector clients in managing stormwater runoff and providing controlled stormwater release.

Examples of our areas of specialization are:

  • Master Planning
  • Floodplain and Stormwater Ordinance Review
  • Ordinance Reinforcement
  • Hydrologic and Hydraulic Studies
  • Floodplain and Floodway Mapping
  • Letter of Map Changes (CLOMR, LOMR, CLOMA, LOMA)
  • Base Flood Elevation Determinations
  • Development and Technical Design Criteria
  • Drainage Investigations
  • Regional Detention Analysis and Design
  • Storm Sewers
floodplain & Stormwater management

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