Lakewood Creek West Drainage Investigation, Montgomery

Lakewood Creek West Drainage Investigation

Village of Montgomery, Illinois

EEI conducted a drainage investigation and hydrologic and hydraulic modeling for an existing subdivision experiencing flooding problems. The design for the subdivision had underestimated the amount of off-site tributary area coming to the development and as a result, the detention basins were filling and staying full causing ponding water and basement flooding in the area. 



  • Drainage Investigation
  • Hydrologic and hydraulic modeling for existing subdivisions experiencing local flooding
  • Creations of an EPASWMM model of the tributary watershed, the developments, and the series of detention basins and their interconnecting restrictor structures and storm sewers
  • Alternatives included increased restrictor sizing, additional outfall storm sewers, bypass storm sewers, and increased storm sewer sizing between detention basins
  • Cost estimates for alternatives and phasing plans
  • Designed new bypass storm sewer for off-site flows
floodplain & Stormwater management

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