North Sandwich Stormwater Conveyance, Sandwich

North Sandwich Conveyance

City of Sandwich, Illinois

Provided analysis to identify and quantify existing drainage and localized flooding concerns due to a lack of existing stormwater facilities and capacity issues within the existing storm sewer system. Residential surveys were collected to further identify problem areas and field investigations were conducted in areas of repeated concern.



  • Residential Surveys
  • Public Outreach / Coordination
  • Existing Stormwater Model Created Using EPASWMM Modeling Software
  • Alternative Solutions Were Modeled to Help Alleviate the Problem Areas using a Combination of New and Upsized Storm Sewers, Conveyance Improvements, and Regional Basins
  • Cost Estimates and Implementation Planning
  • Development of a Long-Range Plan for Funding and Constructing the Improvements
Floodplain & stormwater management

Project Experience