Pavement Management Program

Pavement Management Overview

Pavement management programs generally consist of pavement evaluation, design, cost estimates, appropriations, plans, and specifications. Improvements typically consist of milling, pavement patching, repair and/or replacement of deteriorated curb and gutter, replacement of sidewalks, driveways, and ramps, repair of storm sewers and structures, bituminous concrete resurfacing, striping, and parkway restoration.


  • Detailed Evaluation of Every Roadway Under the Jurisdiction of the Community
  • Establishment of a “Pavement Condition Index” or “Pavement Condition Rank”
  • Development of Rehabilitation Plan to Achieve the Desired Level of Pavement Performance
  • Cost Estimates and a Multi-Year Pavement Improvement Schedule
  • Maximizes Budget Potential
  • Tool for Maintaining an Updated Street Inventory and Maintenance Record

Project Experience