Rehabilitation of Jefferson Street Lift Station, Montgomery

Rehabilitation of Jefferson Street and Route 25 Lift Station

Village of Montgomery, Illinois

The Route 25 Lift Station improvements included replacing the existing two dry-pit pumps with new pumps rated for 240 gpm each. The design incorporated removal of the electrical and controls equipment from the dry-pit to a new outdoor enclosure next to the station. All three (3) dry-pit pumps and pumps were replaced, each capable of pumping 1,000 gpm, this also included replacement of existing electrical, controls, and control panel. Variable Frequency Drives (VFD’s) were added to help minimize pump cycling and improve system we well from the non-rated area above the dry well that houses the electrical equipment.




  • New Dry-Pit Submersible Pumps (Firm Capacity = 2.88 MGD with Variable Frequency Drive
  • Interior and Exterior Building Renovations
  • New Natural Gas Generator with Automatic Transfer Switch
  • New Motor Control Center
  • New SCADA Infrastructure
  • Upgrades to the Electrical Service and HVAC System
  • Coordination with ComEd and Nicor
  • Temporary By-Pass Pumping

Project Experience