Wastewater Treatment Facility Modernization with Phosphorus Removal Feasibility Study, Elburn

Wastewater Treatment Facility Modernization with Phosphorus Removal Feasibility Study

Village of Elburn, Illinois

Project consisted of planning and design for the modifications to the existing 1.266 MGD facility. Design included modifications to meet a 1.0mg/L total phosphorus effluent standard. Process treatment components also included retrofitting the existing oxidation ditches for biological phosphorus removal, a new final settling tank with flow diversion structure, rehabilitation of existing final clarifiers, and a new chemical phosphorus removal system. Biosolids management system modifications included a new return activated sludge (RAS) and waste activated sludge (WAS) pumping system, and expansion of the existing aerobic digester system. 


$9.7 Million


  • New Headworks Building with Improved Screening Equipment and New Grit Removal System
  • New Raw Sewage Pumping Facility
  • Modifications to the Aeration System
  • New Final Clarifier
  • Rehabilitation of Existing Final Clarifiers
  • New Return Activated Sludge Pumps and Controls
  • New Aerobic Digesters and Blowers
  • New Chemical Feed Equipment for Phosphorous Removal and Disinfection
  • New Non-Potable Water System to Reduce Potable Water Usage
  • Upgrades to Electrical and Control Systems
  • No Interruption of Flow Treatment Throughout the Project
  • Funded by the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency Water Pollution Control Load Program

Project Experience